WHO, WHAT, WHY . . .


Whether you are an educator, engineer, physician, business owner, or already retired you can benefit from a “second opinion” regarding your existing plans. You’ve probably already made great strides toward your goals but a review of your plans and progress based on practices of professional financial planning and principles of diversification and asset allocation might give you food for thought to make even better progress going forward.


Basic financial planning involves collecting pertinent information about your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe), your current cash management, your current tax profile, your risk profile, your goals and all the elements in each are helping you reach those goals.
Even just bringing all that information together, you will begin to consider where you are confident in your plans and where you’d prefer some changes.


Your life is busy and, at times, very complicated and stressful. It’s still critical that you make time for yourself to stand back and look at the big picture to determine if your life is moving in the direction you want and with the efficiency and success your situation requires. This is what financial planning offers you!